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Cheap Car Insurance Guide.

Car insurance can sometimes be very expensive, but the good thing is you can do something about it. There are a number of things you can do to lower the amount you pay for your insurance. There are many factors that will influence your quote, some you can control, some you can’t. Below are some great ways you can lower your insurance premiums.

Higher excess

Excess is the amount you will pay upfront when you make a claim. Paying a higher excess will mean you will be paying a lower premium. It is important to make sure you can afford to pay the excess. Make it an amount you can easily get because you will need it in order to make a claim.


Installing security features such as car alarms will reduce the amount you pay. This is because it reduces the risk of theft.

Level of cover

The level of cover you choose will have an effect on the pricing. Third party cover provides the lowest level of cover, but it is surprisingly the most expensive options. If you want to get cheap car insurance for new drivers in northern ireland you will have to compare all the different types of cover available.

Your car

Insurer’s group cars into different categories and these categories will have a different quote. Some factors considered when grouping include the costs of the car, newer cars are more expensive to insure than older cars. The cost of repair and replacement is also factored in. If you want to get cheaper insurance quotes, consider cars that are in a lower category like those at Used Cars Armagh.


Lower mileage can lead to cheaper car insurance. It is important to provide an accurate estimate of your mileage because the insurance can refuse to settle the claim if the mileage on your car does not match with what you provided.