Looking After Your Home And Garden – Pest Control 101

Reasons Why Hiring Professional Services Of A Pest Control Technician Are A Good Idea

There are a lot of things that people do around their own homes that save them a ton of money since they are doing the work themselves and buying the ingredients inexpensively. There are also some professional services that are best left to the experts and pest control is one of those.

There are some types of pests that the homeowner can eliminate themselves but others are just too dangerous to attempt. Take a wasp nest, for example, one that’s hanging from the eaves of your home, are you really going to climb up a ladder and spray that with wasp insecticide while you’re 20 feet off the ground?

Pest Control Operators Are Trained And Have All The Right Tools

In the case of the wasp nest, you’ll be amused to learn several hints that the professional pest control technician uses that you might not be aware of. First, he has a special pesticide that is an immediate knock-down agent so any wasps that he hits will die in less than a second.

The products you get at the online garden shop websites will allow the wasps to fly around for 15 minutes and sting everything that’s moving during that time.

The technician will also have a telescoping pole that can hold the strong pesticide all the way from the ground and spray the nest without climbing a ladder at all. That way, not only is he much farther from the nest but he can’t fall and break his neck either. In addition to that, he may also put on a bee-keepers facemask or complete outfit so that he can be attacked from all angles and not be stung.  This type of equipment can be purchased online at pet shops such as http://KUKPetShop.co.uk or other large online retailers.

While pest control is just one of the professional services that many people should leave to the experts there are others. You just need to decide how much risk you’re willing to take versus how much money you might save to do the job yourself.

Making Magic In Your Garden This Summer!

Because On A Good Day There Is Only Place to Be – Your Garden!

When you get it all right.  When the lawn is perfectly cut, with the lines perfectly intersecting in neat rows back and forth across your garden, when the most vivid and colourful flowers are in bloom, and the summer bees are doing their job of cross-polination, and gently buzzing in the background.

When the last rays of the sun shine across your back garden at the end of a long and productive day of garden therapy, then there is no better place to be, and you will understand when we describe the experience as pure magic!